Who We Are

Our Company

RTFM Ltd – Repairs-Trading-Fabrication-Manufacturing Ltd was established in 2018 and is currently based in Larnaca, Cyprus.

RTFM Ltd was founded in order to offer reliable services, mainly in the maritime and industrial sectors with a wide scope of experience and firm understanding of the subjects, by representing innovative, pioneering companies from all over the world and also by providing consulting services before, after or independent of any sale.

The founders and the personnel of RTFM Ltd, have a vast experience to the Shipping industry and the needs, requirements and restrictions of this demanding market . We are passionate to serve the ship and her needs, at the most efficient and reliable way.

We are dedicated to serve each company, considering today’s budgetary restraints and offering our products and services in a cost-effective manner.


Years of Experience

What we believe

Our Philosophy

RTFM Ltd takes pride in being able to provide assistance to its clients by, promptly and responsibly, answering a wide array of issues.

RTFM Ltd believes in treating its clients with the respect they deserve and rewarding their trust by providing the best services possible.